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Bicycles have become increasing popular in many communities. The price of gas has caused many people to consider alternative sources of transportation. Our nation has been prompted to “go green”.

Bicycles allow people to travel pretty far distances within their own neighborhoods. They are faster than walking, sometimes even faster than driving, and they are a great way to get some exercise, visit friends, do some shopping, etc. The one problem with using a bicycle for shopping is the ability to carry products.

Times have changed from that little pink bicycle with a little white wicker basket and a pink bow on it. People want baskets on their bikes that will allow them to carry a good amount of products easily.

Increasingly, people are starting to do more shopping using their bicycle and they want to be able to carry the products that they buy.

The wicker bicycle basket is no longer only meant to be a decoration on the little pink bike. Wicker bicycle baskets serve a much greater purpose for many people. They are simple to use and easy to attach to nearly any bike available on the market place. There is now a whole assortment of styles available that will suit anyone’s needs.

Wicker bicycle baskets are pretty standard in color; there are the common brown wicker baskets and white wicker baskets, some soft green baskets and tan ones as well. There is a color to suit your needs, and if there is not a color that you particularly like, you can add your own style to it with just a little bit of paint. It can be an opportunity for you to be creative with your bicycle wicker basket accessory.

Many of the wicker bike basket models can actually double as a picnic basket. They come with handles so they can easily be detached and carried around while you shop, or while you lay out a spread of food for a picnic on a blanket. Some of them even have tops that will prevent anything from falling out of them as well. Others are used to carry around small dogs or other pets.

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